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Handan Zhongye Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd.


ABOUT ZHONGYEHandan Zhongye Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd.
Handan Zhongye Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd. located in Mazhuang industrial area, Handan city, Hebei province. Close to Beijing--Guangzhou railway, Qingdao--Lanzhou high speed way and Handan airport. There is superior terrain, beautiful environment and convernient transportation. Our company specialized in manufacturing all kinds of the hydraulic breaker and spare parts, such as hydraulic breaker chisels, Back &front head, Thrust & Outer bushings, Outer-shell and so on.> MORE


Copyright?Handan Zhongye Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd. Contact:Mr.Tang Address:South of Beizhangzhuang Village(East of 107 State Road), Beizhangzhuang Town, Hanshan District, Handan,Hebei  Tel:+86-310-6090222
Phone:+86-13111386563 Fax:+86-310-6090111 Website:www.hfbolang.com E-mail:hdzyjx@hdzyjx.com Zip Code:056002

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